Considering I work at a Walmart as a cashier, when business dies down and we've got nothing to do, we go stand at the end of our isles and wait for customers. In the mean time, we get to stand there and look at all the headlines on the magazine racks. One caught my eye, that eating a diet rich in magnesium can help you lose weight (of course, vitamins and minerals are only a small part (though they make the whole) of the right diet for healthy eating) and can help reduce stress and anxiety and joint and muscle pains. I didn't bother to get the magazine (why should I when I have the internet, after all?) but I did come home and look it up.

So here's a link to an article I found about it, and I figured I would share, since I didn't see anything relating magnesium to weight loss or the deficiency of to obesity.

Magnesium - The Weight Loss Cure