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    I do think the guy had some good points... McDonalds (poison), large portions (of usually poison), and sedentary lifestyle... Yeah... he's right... eat poison, then don't move... you're gonna get fat...

    Sounds like he just doesn't know what the poisons really are... And that's where he gets all confused with the food pyramid. I'm sure it's odd to hear that many foods are basically toxic to our system... really??? FOOD? And if you do eat lots of fat, (and poor quality ones at that) with a ton of insulin spiking foods... then he appears to be on target... so of course, he thinks eat fat, get fat. That's easy to get to if you leave out major components of the equation. So, big whoop. His mother is a nutritionist. If she's a good scientists, she evolves with science. You don't grab on to old conclusions when new data is entered into the equation. That's not scientific at all...

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    Well played, FNW.


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    twinmama, I agree that those things are good points, and I told him that... I just told him there were other factors that maybe he wasn't considering.

    "The easiest time I have with it, is to simply ask them what sort of "essential nutrition" one gets from grains." - THIS is something I do a LOT... no one has a good answer. I usually put "that you get from grains that you CAN'T get from vegetables"... that also gets rid of the fiber response too. haha. I do want it to be clear that I'm not eating a zero carb diet. It's not like I'm solely carnivore or something.

    I sent him Mark's guide to cholesterol, since he seemed to be worried about the fat/heart disease thing. Hopefully it will help. And I also sent him a "grain manifesto" that I found on another site, which gives a few good reasons not to eat grains without getting too deep.

    I don't normally get in discussions/arguments like this... I'll normally say things like "well I just feel better eating this way" and shrug it off. But this guy really started with the "debate" behavior and I just went along with it. haha.

    Hopefully I made him think a little.

    Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.

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    marks daily apple:

    eat REAL food and exercise

    you'll be healthier!

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    I think some reasoned discourse is nothing but good for everyone involved. Some of the best conversations I've ever had were with people who disagreed with me.

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    My personal favourite CW hobbyhorse is fiber-I love pointing out that babies manage to get by just fine bowel-wise without ever consuming it. There isn't really a way to respond to that.

    Way for the husband to step up. Having the support of your SO is a huge help (mine is slowly, slowly coming around.)

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    Durga said: "My personal favourite CW hobbyhorse is fiber-I love pointing out that babies manage to get by just fine bowel-wise without ever consuming it. There isn't really a way to respond to that."

    Sure there is. They also get by fine without any solid food. Without anything at all besides milk, in fact. Doesn't mean that's healthy for adults. I'm not saying we need lots of fiber. But your logic doesn't hold.

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    Uh, actually, avocado, the logic of babies and no fiber does hold, if someone has been asserting that without fiber one can't make poops, or that poops exist only in order to pass on the fiber.

    Babies make poops several times a day with no fiber at all.

    For a long, riveting reading experience, which will teach you more about poop than you ever wanted to know, I'd suggest Googling "Fiber Menace" by Konstantin Monastyrsky.

    So far my own experience indicates he's right. Excessive fiber clogs up the system and leads to straining at stool trying to pass huge compacted poops too large for the plumbing. When I cut back on fiber, life got easier, poops got multiple, smaller, and softer. kafloop, all done.

    He doesn't mind eating the kind of fiber normally present in a reasonable amount of fruits and vegetables, though he doesn't believe in eating veggies by the ton, either. But he truly despises fiber from grains, and he waxes eloquent against psyllium.

    He says that excessive fiber overworks the digestive system, as it struggles to digest the indigestible.

    Here, have some fun:

    His book Fiber Menace is also excellent.

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    I agree Piano-Doctor-Lady (love that name). I have had problems in that department for years and tried all the usual, extra fibre, large amounts of water, psyllum etc, but nothing worked. Once I cut grains, ate more meat and fat, it all changed in the way you described so eloquently! Hark at me discussing my bowel habits on the internet!! The fibre myth is deeply entrenched in our culture, which is sad because most people's problems would be eased if they just ate a bit more meat and fat. That ain't going to happen anytime soon.

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