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Thread: Fasting my Husky, fasting myself!

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    @Barbey -- I will never make the mistake of thinking of them as dogs. I was a rider in my teens, but hadn't ridden in 13+ years when I went out with a friend who is near-professional. The stables gave me a "green" horse, according to her (whatever that means) and it got spooked and freakin' TOOK OFF WITH ME. Full, panicked gallop, top speed, for someone who'd never galloped before. I remember every second of that ride as an hour -- trying to simultaniously stay on the horse AND get it to stop! I managed to do both on my own, but made the crew walk back to the stables because I wouldn't get back on that crazy mofo.

    Scared of horses since. Won't ride anymore.

    But my rabbit loves me.

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    This would explain the horror on equestrian's faces when I run into them on the trails with me on my moutain bike and my Husky running along..... two predators!

    I think my nutrition with the hairy beast is working well. She seems energetic, calm when at rest and alert. I feel that way myself. I just figure I'm more like a dog than any other animal out there. I feel any fasting I impose on her, I can impose on myself. Gonna have to do a 40 hour from Good Friday to Easter....

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    LOL You nailed it, Acme! Two predators RUNNING AT ME!!!!! Horses that are inexperienced or taken by surprise are likely to spook (thankfully it's not usually as bad as NorthStar's bolting ride!). One of the best things you can do is say hello, so the horse recognizes you as human even though you're on wheels and moving fast.

    Glad it's going well for your husky -- such beautiful dogs. Always liked them.

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