I went primal around April 15th, I just jumped in & have had no problems at all. I've only had a couple of temptations with chips & cereal but didn't give in. Now I've noticed how tired I am after work some days that I can hardly stand myself & I feel miserable like I haven't slept for days. I get at least 5-7 hours of sleep & eat eggs, bacon, stir fry veggies in CO, (actually, I use CO on nearly everything) T-bone, sirloin, pork chops, sausage, blueberries, very little cheese, boiled eggs again as snacks throughout the day, & almonds here & there. I wait tables so I get lots of walking in & then do a few toning exercises such as squats etc. if I have the energy. I'm dedicated to this lifestyle & actually disgusted & saddened by what I see every day in the food business. People are so unaware. I've been asked how I've lost weight & when I tell them they seem interested in trying but then the next day I see them with a donut. They respond by saying "Well, I ate good earlier." They just don't get it. Anyway, my cry for help is I need energy! I'm suspecting my carbs are too low. Tell me your favorite carb sources please.