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Thread: Food, Inc to be aired on PBS on April 21st

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    Thanks for the heads up. I recorded it and watched about half of it. Sad thing is, I came out of that "corporate farming" environment. It reminded me of my youth on our Dairy Farm and helping our neighbors with their huge chicken and beef operations. It is eye opening for many to see how conventional meat, etc. is really produced and how grain factors into most of the food on supermarket stores. I remember my family being paid to grow varieties of corn and soybeans and also being paid to plow under part of our fields for additional pay if the stores of grain were too great for the prices in the market to support. Our dairy operation was small enough that we did not have to deal with some of the same issues as in the movie, but we had neighbors and friends that were in the thick of it. Our dairy was used mainly for cheese production.

    People started looking at me strangely about 15 years ago when I would comment on how fake our food tasted. More and more people are realizing just how fake and engineered most of our food is and movies like Food, Inc. will hopefully help others realize and do something positive about changing it. I tell everyone I know to buy local first and grass-fed and pastured meat whenever you can get it. I then tell them to buy organic if they can afford it. When asked about restaurant food, since I have to eat out a lot, I tell them to avoid chain restaurants if at all possible and go for the higher end restaurants that advertise they use local ingredients, including grass-fed and pastured meat. At first, people thought I was nuts to spend so much money and effort seeking out grass-fed and pastured, but they are coming around and seeing my point of view.

    It does create an issue when it comes to picking up meat from local farmers though. They are getting busier and busier and sell out very quickly. My main bacon supplier had to laugh when I bought all of their uncurred bacon from a fresh kill. He just laughed and said "dang, you are some serious bacon eaters." I kid you not, there were 4 people in line behind me for the bacon as well. The look on his face was priceless as he mumbled to his wife that they only had 2 hogs that would be ready the rest of this year. I have a feeling he will be breeding and acquiring some hogs in the near future.
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