Hi all! I have a question about this one if you don't mind!

My exercise regimen is more like the new age HIT routines where you only do one intense workout per week. And believe it or not, it actually does work quite well to keep my muscles strong. And then I just use diet to keep the fat off.

But I do realize the additional benefits I would obtain from being more active. I think the main thing I'm thinking about is the mood elevation that comes from it. Additionally, I've got 10 lbs I want to drop and I don't want to cut calories any further. Heck, if I keep my diet the same, as little as a walk a day would probably be enough to shed those last 10 lbs in about a half a year.

So anyways, I'm just wondering about some ideas. What are some good physical activities to do on your leisure time? What's a good way to give myself a kick in the but to actually do it without it seeming like a "chore" or something? I don't want to do any extra "work". But if it isn't work and its all "fun" instead, I'm all for it!

I am quite lean and healthy and I know I can do it. But I think I just have to find something that I can enjoy doing. Throw some ideas at me!

Thanks in advance!