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Thread: Newbie - been a veggie - feeling sick eating meat page 2

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    I was a longtime, mostly vegetarian (I ate a little fish once in a blue moon) and reading The Vegetarian Myth was very healing and reassuring for me when I made the decision to start eating meat again (after 16 years!)

    As for the discomfort upon eating meat, I think you may be low on hydrochloric acid after eating a veggie diet. It's pretty common (actually, MANY people are low on HCl). Your digestive system isn't used to having to produce much HCl.

    Try taking several HCl caps or tabs 10 min. before meals and see if it helps. You can get them at any health food or vitamin store.

    As far as your allergies, you might want to do some research on "leaky gut syndrome", which contributes to food allergies (and low HCl compounds the problem). Leaky gut is very reversible, thank goodness!

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    "I have to say that I am extremely shocked at how few farms and ranches have this certification! "

    (1) Money.

    (2) It's a private organization. Just because a farm doesn't give them money, doesn't mean the farm is inhumane.

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    Yes hazyjane, I remember having HCI prescribed to me once by a naturopath, may still have it around. Thank you for reminding me. Also just talked to a friend who is going to lend me a book on leaky gut. I've heard of it, but know nothing about it.

    Avocado, thanks for the info, this is quite a learning curve, although I'm finding it fascinating, and people are really helpful.

    frogfarm, awesome link, thank you. I feel like Alice who followed the white rabbit and just stepped into another (food) reality!

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    How about some bone broths to help ease the transition?

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