Just returned from a visit with endocrinologist to review results of my recent blood work that included tests for thyroid, and several auto-immune antibodies. Thyroid results were fine and all but one anti-body was negative. The antibody for Lupus was "elevated" but not considered "positive". He explained that a level of 10 or above would be considered positive and a level of 1 (which I had 2 years prior) would be considered negative. Anything between 2 and 10 is considered questionable and could even be lab error, but, should be monitored nontheless. I was measured at a level 7. He said this is an indication that I need to relax more and stress less. He will redo the test in three months.

How do you go home and "relax more and stress less" with the fear of having lupus on your mind? I am trying to resist looking on-line for scarey information about it but am finding it hard not to. I don't seem to have any of the tell-tale signs and symptoms but I suppose it could continue to get worse with time. Or, could it be lab error??

Aside from relaxing more and stressing less (this is a huge challenge for me), what, if any, nutritional measures can I take to support my immune system? Two years ago when I was tested for the same anti-body it was a level 1--negative. Now that I am eating healthier than ever I test in the "elevated" range. How frustrating!! I do have more stress in my life, however, than I did two years ago. Or, are auto-immune diseases genetic in nature? No matter what you eat or how you manage your stess if you are predisposed genetically is it your fate?? I know of no one in my family with any type of auto-immune disorder.

I am totally freaked out! Can anyone shed some light on this scarey situation? Or, perhaps, just reassure me that I don't have lupus until the test says I do!