Hey guys,

I've been primal for 9 months and I LOVE it. I started the diet to help with IBS symptoms and autoimmune issues, and for the first six months or so things were amazing, but about three months ago my constant bloating came back (I look pregnant all the time) along with diarrhea. So, I tried experimenting with the diet some more- no cheating, no sugar at all, no dairy, no FODMAPs, no alcohol, etc. Nothing helped. Once I cut out FODMAPs 2 weeks ago, the diarrhea went away and was replaced with constipation, I started eating FODMAPs again but still no change. The bloating in particular is driving me insane, I'm 21 and I have a pretty small frame, so it makes me pretty self-conscious. The last time I tried to be paleo (about 2 years ago) I gave up after 4 months because the diet stopped working. I love primal and don't want to eat any differently, but I can't stay on a diet that is making me feel miserable. I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks!