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Thread: Are you eating things that you didn't eat before you went Primal?

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    Apr 2012

    Are you eating things that you didn't eat before you went Primal?

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    I definitely am. I never ever ate strawberries or apples before starting my Primal journey. Oh! Or dark chocolate. Love all three now.

    In fact, I just bit into a gigantic strawberry and it reminded me of the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. "Feed me Seymour!!"

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    Apr 2012
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    I wasn't fond of seeds before but I now feel a salad is not quite right without a sprinkle of my fave seed mix.

    I didn't like avocados much before and started out having them mixed in with other stuff, but now I just slice them open and eat them with a spoon.

    I used to be slightly squeamish about the skin/fatty/gristly bits of a chicken but now when I cook chicken I eat the skin, have a good dig around for every last scrap of meat and any wobbly bits that are chewable, and finally make a broth with the bones and gristly bits.

    I also buy fatty cuts of meat and enjoy it when loved ones cut the fat off theirs and look a little horrified to see me eating mine and going MMMM.
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    Ooh I love Little Shop of Horrors.

    I can't think of anything I hadn't eaten before apart from coconut oil. I'm glad I found that.
    F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.

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    Absolutely! A whole bunch of stuff: Duck eggs, goose eggs, venison, goat, sardines, canned salmon, canned oysters, canned clams, kippers, coconut oil, coconut milk, heavy cream, ghee, heart, liver, other organ meats, kale, brussells sprouts, dark chocolate (70% to 100%), Cacao nibs, goat cheese, lard, herbal tea, home made bone stock...I'm sure I missed some stuff.

    Then there are so many other things out there to try. I am soooo open to trying new stuff since going primal.
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    Liver, bone broth, coconut milk, beef shanks, duck egg (just 1).

    That strawberry DOES look like Audrey II!

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    Definitely! Bacon, chicken skin, whole avocados, full-fat dairy -- all things I previously thought of as "too fatty", and would eat maybe once a year.

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    Coconut oil, beef marrow, vitamin D. Eating in much greater frequency since primal: liver, sweet potatoes, seaweed.

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    Primal has gotten me over my squeamishness about eating offal. Oh, and marrow bones no longer get tossed to the dog. He has to wait until I'm done with them.

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    raw green beans
    meat fat
    coconut flour
    pecan meal
    offal (still not keen on kidney)
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    Seaweed. Sweet potato. Japanese sweet potato. Spaghetti squash. Grass-fed and organic meats. Omega 3 eggs. Organic dairy. Raw meat (just a few bites)... all things coconut (don't like it that much though)

    The biggest change for me was how I acquire the groceries. We now shop in bulk from local farmers, and I buy everything i can afford in organic version. I really like buying from the local farmers, and we get the cuts we would have never tried before.
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