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Thread: Vegan "Transformations"--Simply from Cutting The Junk...or?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by onalark View Post
    I sound like someone on a paleo forum, who has read books on nutrition, and Mark's articles:
    Curb Your Appetite with a High Fat Diet | Mark's Daily Apple
    Pass the Protein, Please! | Mark's Daily Apple
    What is Leptin? | Mark's Daily Apple

    My comments on veganism originally and specifically targeted Silverstone's plan (which is low in fat, low in protein, high in carbohydrates). If you want examples of other vegan diets that are low on fat and protein and high on carbohydrates, look to McDougall (McDougall Plan), Fuhrman (Eat to Live), Christina Pirello (Crazy Vegan Life), and Esselstyn (Engine 2).

    Veganism, as it is presented in the mainstream media, is largely fat phobic, and shrugs off the importance of protein; Esselstyn even goes so far as to villainize it, purporting that it's been given too much credit because it's "manly" to eat meat. And then there's the (in)famous Cordain/Campbell protein debate:

    Cordain/Campbell protein debate

    I'd argue there is a perfect diet. It's the one you stick to. If veganism works for you, superawesomeradical. I don't care. I think, as a lot of folks have mentioned here on this forum, that it's probably even better than the industrial crap people eat every day. But I don't think it's optimal.

    There are outliers for whom it works like a charm. I don't doubt they exist. But I believe evolution, and the lack of a pure vegan culture in history, proves that they're just that: outliers.
    I am an omnivore, never tried vegan diet so can't say whether it would work for me. I am not defending it either. Just questioning why you are passing swooping generalizations. There is as much evidence that veganism works as much as there is for Paleo. Lack of pure vegan culture is not an indicative that veganism has no merit as a good/bad nutrition.
    Being exposed to insurmountable amount publications on nutrition does not make one an expert on such complex issue. The fact that mankind have so many acknowledged scientist debating nutrition is a proof that so far we have not concluded what constitutes an optimal diet. But you come across as an authoritarian on the subject.

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    You are an only child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omni View Post
    As for the OP's own experience:
    Going from Junk to Vegan, felt amazing, then Vegan to Primal, felt amazing.
    More detail required, were any health issues involved?
    How long Vegan?
    Surely going primal would have taken you to Super Amazing if you were already starting off at the amazing position, did the vegan diet effect fade, was it merely a case of the placebo effect fading?
    I grew up eating a very SAD, cereals and many processed carbs, little to no veg, and conventional fruits and meats. I made the switch to vegan at 17--i attributed my veganism for ridding me of my exercise-induced asthma, but then realized i had moved out with my boyfriend at the time, away from my parents house where three people smoked constantly. I didn't lose weight as a vegan, I actually lost weight eating meat--but I felt awful. BUT the diet I lost weight on was incredibly low-fat. I had nightmares every night that I thought were caused by eating meat, but I just realized, perhaps it was the lack of fat that caused that. I felt better returning to being a vegetarian, as I was eating eggs. This continued until I tried a raw diet for a few months. then, went back to cooked vegan, then vegetarian, then pescatarian--i ALWAYS felt better when I included eggs and fish, but I was in serious denial and felt ashamed that I couldn't be a vegan. After being "successful" with raw food for three months, returned to cooked food AGAIN and continued the flip-flopping guilt ridden vegan trials.
    All in all, I was a veg*n for about 6 years, (but keep in mind, i'm only 24). This past year (2011), I was so fatigued, weak, unable to sleep, hungry constantly, had intense heartburn every meal, woke up very nauseous every morning, and my menstrual cycle was incredibly brutal, I finally had to realize that my veg*n diet wasn't working and tried primal and immediately felt better. And now, I could NEVER imagine going back to being vegan.

    I really wonder though, that if I had made the switch from SAD to primal if I would have felt the same. I didn't even consider primal an option, though, because my reason for becoming vegan was solely based on an emotional response to factory farmed videos. when I made the switch to vegan, I don't really remember any health issues. Mostly heartburn after eating and the asthma, but only when i exercised. I was also very much overweight, probably obese for my height/age.

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