So yeah I decided (who knows why) to go to the doctor a few weeks ago for a health check up.

They put me on blood pressure medicine, which has now decreased my potassium to "critically low" levels.

I picked up the potassium this morning and they said I had to take it IMMEDIATELY with "lots" of food and water. Since I'm on 24H IF and have been for 2 weeks now, I don't have any food with me (at work) and I am certainly not going to break my 3 months of no fast food streak.

THEN I got an email from the doctor saying that my cholesterol and glucose were elevated and because of these things I was pre-diabetic. She said I have to immediately begin eating lean meats and whole grain breads and cereals plus fish. 1. I don't eat bread 2. I loathe fish, the smell makes me nauseous. 3. Lean Meat?! QQ

But they've seriously got me scared, I don't want to completely reverse all my primal plans because I feel amazing. I've lost 25 pounds in 2 months, my skin is so clear I no longer need makeup, my hair is shiny, and I'm more active than I've ever been. None of which seems to be impressing my doctor.

Doctor orders are compelling and I feel really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't want to go back to bloating, IBS, adult acne, and sluggishness. I also don't want the doctor to yell at me anymore, and I don't want to get diabetes (though how going back to eating starch and sugared things will help that, I don't know.)

I guess I need advice or help or just someone to pat me on the back and say all will be ok.