I have the great misfortune of teaching a cooking class to children which includes things such as cupcake decorating, apple tarts, and cheesy bagel pizza snacks. While researching a recipe for my Sweet Treats class I got a terrible craving for apple pie, so I did the following:

Slice up an apple and place on a plate with a touch of salted butter on each slice. Microwave for appx 2-3 minutes; until apples become slightly softened.

Yuuuuuummmmm. All better. However, it did raise the question between my mom and I: How do microwaves affect the nutrition of foods? Does it really destroy some of the nutritional benefits? Is it linked to cancer? Do most PB'ers avoid microwaves? I'm sure my apple 'recipe' could also be baked, but a quick fix for a craving is awesome. Thoughts?