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Thread: blood pressure and sodium intake

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    blood pressure and sodium intake

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    I went to see my doctor today and my blood pressure was a bit higher 140/92 it is usually 130/80
    I suspect that since I started the paleo diet 10 days ago I used more meats of high quality but I noticed that if I add up the sodium intake it adds up quickly to be more than the 1500mg recommended daily consumption of sodium. How important is it to keep sodium under 1500mg? I can not think of anything else that would cause my blood pressure to go up especiall after I also dropped 5 pounds in weight

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    Do you have a blood pressure cuff at home? My bp is always high at the doc's. White coat syndrome. It helps to record the pressure every day and show to the doc. Experiment. Track your sodium intake and bp. See if there is a correlation.
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