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Thread: Heal a Cavity

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    foremost, i think it's important to acknowledge that cavities probably occur for a variety of different reasons. Gut issues, food concerns, body chemistry issues, cleanliness of a person's mouth, genetic factors -- all might play a part in why a given person has few or many cavities.

    Healing these various issues as best one can may help decrease the incidents of cavities and may help the teeth heal as well. But, there are some things that only allopathy can do (i.e., going to the dentist).

    It is fine -- and I do mean perfectly fine -- to follow *both* paths. If you want to give it a go to see if you can heal a cavity, then feel free to do so. If it doesn't work, then get the appropriate medical care.

    I assume that most people are intelligent enough to know this and make these decisions for themselves, and therefore wholly reject the idea that "it is dangerous and irresponsible!" to talk about these sorts of alternatives that do actually work for people. Peopl care responsible for their own choices. If that leads to danger and irresponsibility on their part, over their own health and lives, then that is *their stuff*. It is not my responsibility to police what I say and do just because some random, unknown person may be an idiot.

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    I have been oil pulling for two weeks with organic coconut whole family is now oil pulling bc of how much nicer my teeth look. Primal win.

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