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Thread: Hello from South Louisiana......home of the white rice!!!

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    Hello from South Louisiana......home of the white rice!!!

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    Okay, I'm new.....but bought all the books a few years ago. I'm addicted to ALL "diet" books and have tried them all.....for a day or two. I just came back to going over Mark's Primal and it makes sense but when I've tried in the past I never lost any weight!!! I get discouraged and quit. I'm 45 and discouraged. I'm at the point where I don't know what to put in my mouth anymore!!! I've always been a healthy eater -- no processed foods, try to eat clean.
    I guess my big question is: WHERE DO I START???? What should I replace first??? Is it absolutely no dairy?? My brain in on overload!!! Help!!!

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    If you are trying to lose fat, dairy can hold you back. (Note that we don't pay much attention to weight, just fat.)

    You probably better avoid that white rice and other grains. Keep your daily carb level down not too much over 50 grams.

    What do you normally eat?
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