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Thread: Dude, I stink.

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    Dude, I stink.

    This is a bit embarassing and at the same time quite sad as this is my first post, but dudes, I STINK.

    I mean, like, melting deodorant and armpit chewing through tshirts stink.

    I've been 100% primal for over a year now, and I'm currently cutting the last 8-12% bodyfat leading into a show in two months, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this. I haven't had any issues in the last year, but the last few weeks my wife's threatened to kick me out of the house.

    Daily intake is basically:
    8 eggs
    2-3lbs of chicken breast/thighs
    1-2lbs lean red meat
    3-5 cups of broccolli
    5 or so cups of spinach and leafy greens
    6 servings EAS 100% Whey (I know, I know, 2 grams of sugar a scoop...)
    Tons of misc other things found in the kitchen (avacados, peppers, etc)
    I don't eat any dairy

    Is there something I can add that'll help the smell? I cut back on onions and garlic thinking maybe they contributed a little.

    Please don't tell me to make my own deodorant, I don't have time for that hippie-dippie nonsense.
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