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    To answer some of the questions yes I did read the book and I have it on my Kindle. I know I shouldn't have started eating them but they are so good and such a quick and easy snack when I am sitting in my patrol car. I am sure it was the nuts and dried fruit that put on the weight cuz I was chowing down on them. I'm all out now have been for a few days so that won't be a problem anymore. I have noticed some nice muscles popping out especially on my back. So I think most of the weight gained is water weight and not much fat (I hope). So what are some snacks yall like to eat throughout the day?

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    You shouldn't ever snack at all if you are trying to lose weight. Eat one to three times per day, and just drink water only when thirsty. If you get hungry between meals, eat bigger meals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfarny View Post
    You shouldn't ever snack at all if you are trying to lose weight. Eat one to three times per day, and just drink water only when thirsty. If you get hungry between meals, eat bigger meals.
    Your fat-burning ability doesn't even really get going until hours after you eat. Anything you eat in between is going to throw you back a bit. Eat meals. If you aren't hungry enough to prepare and eat a meal, then you aren't really hungry.

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    I'd like to state a reminder that people are all different. I lost 25 pounds (female, 5'0", 141lbs to 116) over 8 months eating meals and snacks, some of those snacks nuts and dried fruit, and not working out. My weight loss has slowed to a half pound per week in the last month or so, but it's still going steadily. I've added more walks and workouts into my routine because I'd like to stay healthy and gain muscle. OP, it sounds like you figured out what the problem was; the next time you stall try your variables one at a time, but beware absolutes.

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    When I noticed an increase in lumpy, subcutaneous fat, I re-evaluated what I was eating. Way too low on protein. I started eating three eggs in the middle of the day in addition to what I had for breakfast and the fat went away. I've slipped up the last week or so and I've noticed that it is coming back.
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    I work patrol as well. One of the best things I did was get a dehydrator, so I can make fresh beef jerky for every rotation.

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    Well done for your weight loss so far!

    An occasional gain is a sign that you need to tweak the diet a little to suit you. Make sure you eat well and sleep well after your workouts, and eat less on the rest days in between. As you've been doing Primal for a while you may be ready to stop snacking entirely. Have 2 or 3 large meals a day, and if you love nuts then have a small amount of them - with a meal. Snacking between meals is best avoided if you're trying to lose weight.

    You might also try intermittent fasting. This isn't possible for everyone and may not be necessary if you have a large amount to lose, but I personally find it an easy weight loss tool. It's kind of liberating to go through a busy day and not have to worry about stopping to eat.
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    You need to start doing measurements.

    Don't get rid of the scale, it's still useful to notice small changes in your body, but measuring around your navel and other areas will allow you to figure out if it's fat or not.

    If you're just beginning working out and you're eating a very healthy diet, you may be putting on some muscle. I would image this would have looked more like a stall in your weight loss, but you'll NEVER KNOW unless you do skin caliper measurements or use a simple tape measure. It's all just random guesswork without more meaningful measurements.

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    If you are weighing more and getting smaller, you are putting on muscle. Take measurements and track weight loss. You might be losing fat and gaining muscle which is a very good thing.

    If you find that you are putting on fat....if you start tweaking and "optimizing" things too much you run the risk of creating a WOE that is not sustainable. I'd look at portions first- make sure its a square of dark chocolate or an ounce of nuts or whatnot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakey View Post
    "you can't just eat extra coconut oil and butter on top of everything else and expect to stop gaining weight, let alone start losing weight." - reality police
    Starches are the problem, not fats. You have to eat to lose weight, period.

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