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Thread: Pulled hamstring recovery tips?

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    Pulled hamstring recovery tips?

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    I pulled a hamstring about three weeks ago doing some sprints, took it easy for a while, it felt better, and I re-injured it yesterday when I tried to get back to sprinting. i'm obviously going to have to wait a bit before getting back to anything like sprinting, but i'm wondering if anyone knows any tips for aiding in recovery.

    i've got it lightly wrapped, and i'm standing or sitting with my leg extended, and i'll do some soft stretching every once in a while. if i know my body, i'll be able to handle body weight squats in a couple of days, and weighted squats or assisted pistols a few days after that. i'll wait at least a month before running sprints again. but, i'm looking for anything that might speed up recovery a bit, or exercises that i can do that will help keep me from re-pulling it. it's also prime hiking time in NH and i don't want to be out on a shoddy leg.

    anyone have any tips?

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    lots of protein and sleep and elevate?

    I tore a muscle in my calf 3wks ago and my Dr is surprised how quickly I am getting back to weight bearing.

    I don't mean to hijack your thread but if anyone has tips for torn calf muscle, I would be grateful.

    Hope you feel better soon primalrob.

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    Topical Arnica and mega dosing Glutamine.

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