Hi, I'm new around here, but have been lurking for about 6 weeks, since I started with Paleo eating. I found it while looking round for information on why I had suddenly started getting IBS, and had put on about 10 kilos over the last 18 months. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head when I read about Primal and I got started right away. I have lost 3.5 kilos so far, but my measurements are changing rapidly - 2" off my waist for instance. I'm about 90% primal - no grains or legumes, but I like a glass of wine in the evening, and probably eat more fruit and nuts than I should. I, feel so much better overall that I have no intention of going back to my old ways, ever.

Breakfast these days is either bacon and eggs, or a homemade smoothie with banana, raw whole milk, a shot of kefir and Omega oils, and whatever other fruit I happen to have in the fridge. I've thrown away the skimmed milk and "lighter" butter, and eat full-fat everything instead. I'm also taking the following supplements: spirulina, Vits B and D, fish oil, Q10, ginseng and ginko biloba, and am about to add in L-tyrosine.
Lunch is a BAS, with a bit of meat or fish, and often an avocado.
Dinner is generally baked meat, and roasted veg or more salad.

Things I have noticed so far:
- Food tastes different. I can taste any sugar in minute quantities, and prefer my smoothies without any added honey these days
- the desire to binge is disappearing. I had a couple early on, where several slices of bread and jam went down, but I felt so bloated afterwards that I realised it wasn't worth it. I'd rather binge on carrot sticks now, anyway.
- I haven't really missed grains at all, but do need to think ahead about meals, so there's something sensible in the fridge when I get to thinking about making dinner.
-Am trying to get more sun and fresh air (difficult in the UK at present), and to walk as much as possible. I also do occasional weights and an few minutes ballistic cycling on my static bike every few days. I also tried hot yoga last week, and think I might sign up for a course there. All this is making my mood much more stable, which is good (very good, actually), although there is still some work to do there.

The biggest problem is dealing with a partner who is addicted to his carbs, despite Crohns, chronic pain and obesity, and my stepdaughter, who is a veggie. Sometimes the cooking can get a little complex, trying to feed all the different needs.

Goals for this journal
- to keep a note of weight changes
- to note the changes that Paleo eating has on me, both physically and mentally
- to put things here, rather than boring my OH to death with my enthusiasm.

I'm so glad I found you guys.

Grok on!