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Thread: Opinion of fellow Primal Blueprinters requested: Blood test results

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    Question Opinion of fellow Primal Blueprinters requested: Blood test results

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    Hi there primal folks,

    I'm new here in the forum though not new to the LowCarb side of living. When I started out going primal two years ago it was just to find out how I would fare. Today, it's become a way of living.
    In 2011, I took my first blood test and a week ago my second. I'd like to do it on an annual basis.

    If you guys could have a look at the results and let me know your thoughts as well as what I should test in addition such as Lp(a), ApoB and E or C-RP, I'd be really grateful.

    Glucose: 92mg/dl
    Potassium: 4,3mmol/l
    Creatinine: 1,1
    uric acid: 5mg/dl
    Total Cholesterol: 250
    Triglycerides: 102
    HDL: 69,3
    LDL: 168

    Glucose: 91mg/dl
    Potassium: 4,9mmol/l
    Calcium: 2,35mmol/l
    Creatinine: 1,08mg/dl
    uric acid: 6,6mg/dl
    Total Cholesterol: 251
    HDL: 73,7
    LDL: 177
    HbA1C: 30mmol/mol or 4,9%
    Calcidiol (Vit. D): 37,8ng/ml
    Testosterone: 5,68ng/ml
    Leptin: 1ng/l

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