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Thread: I could use some guidance

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    I could use some guidance

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    Greetings friends,
    I've been eating primal for 2 weeks now. I have not weighed myself but I feel that I am gaining due to how my clothes are fitting. Am I either eating too much fat, or just too much period? I only eat when I'm hungry but that seems to be quite a bit. Any thoughts would be apprecitated. Thanks.

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    Your hunger and portions will sort themselves out soon enough, just be patient and try not to think about things too much, especially if it's already going to lead you to tinker too much with your meals and such. Give it time, and I strongly suggest looking into learning something else for now while still eating primal, THEN re-visit the site/book/etc if you still feel you need to make adjustments.

    Also, I very strongly suggest obtaining and reading the book if you haven't, further, I would approach the forums with the understanding that NOBODY HERE is Mark Sisson (the author of the primal blueprint) and that EVERYONE HERE has a different approach to the primal lifestyle... not to say people are wrong here, but seriously do yourself a favor and listen to the book for at LEAST 4 months before listening to anyone here.

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