I had my annual physical this week and the doc found what he called a "small left inguinal hernia". I was not aware of it before the physical. He told me that they used to repair all hernias but now they didn't fix small ones that weren't causing problems. He knows I lift weights and told me to just make sure I breath out and don't hold my breath or grunt.

This is having a psychological effect on me now. I worked out yesterday and did ok except when it was time to squat. I started with my normal weight but was having trouble. I didn't feel any pain but I was thinking too much, didn't go as deep as I normally do, etc; it was in my head and I wasn't doing good squats. I ended up dropping about 40 lbs off and squatting an amount that felt pretty easy.

Any thoughts on what I should do? Is this something I just need to give some time and get over it mentally or should I get a second opinion about whether I should be doing squats with a "small hernia".

Is anyone else successfully lifting heavy with a diagnosed hernia?