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Thread: 'Health' 50 Fattiest Foods in the US... check out #34...

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    'Health' 50 Fattiest Foods in the US... check out #34...

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    North Carolina: Livermush - 50 Fattiest Foods in the States -

    I'm pretty sure #34 is something most of us would salivate over, lol!!

    I ran through most of these, and several things were going through my head.... granted, most of these foods were nothing I would touch, given that you probably don't know what they were fried in, or they had more sugar than any human should ingest at a sitting. The first thing that came to mind with most of these was, hmmm, that doesn't sound like THAT much fat. My viewpoint is definitely changed after being on PB for a month and a half!

    The second thing was the often-repeated phrase 'artery-clogging' which made me roll my eyes.

    I bet I wasn't the only one here who looked at the bacon-wrapped meatloaf and thought, that's going on the menu for next week!

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    Years ago they would have been nuns, now they have jobs at "Health Magazine" chiding people for eating food they like.

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    Mmmmm...fatty lamb chops...I drooled at a lot of things on that list, LOL Turducken - minus the stuffing, of course - is AMAZING. I've had the Loco Moco at ICM, BTW. It was FABULOUS. I'd have to kick the gravy these days, and most of the rice, but I'd probably still eat it.
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