Quite happy to have a recovery day today Yesterday, I did a workout of all 1RPM maxes.
Squat: 155 lbs, single, yay!
OHP: no dice, but got 70 to the top of the head instead of the chin level. Then trained push-press with 65 lbs
DL: Finally pulled 205 lbs, even with the wee shruggie in the end.

The stitches & bandages came off, so tomorrow I am going to give a shot to wearing barefoot for KB's, which is great, because I feel so much better balanced that way. And next week, it's back to running, if everything feels good.

On the food front, I am missing fruit intently... SAD.

June 1st: Kettlebells + Shoulder HIT
June 2nd: Elliptical (35 min, HIT on 30:35:40); gardening
June 3rd: Powerlifting + 3x21 support; play and gardening
June 4th: elliptical (35 min) + walking (~ 90 min) - Yes, I do have a fracture in my toe, I could def. feel it after elliptical. Oh, and fishing, lol!
June 5th: lifting (CRAPPY!) and ~ 45 min walking
June 6th: walking (~ 90 min) and a mini-stretch (meditated most of the time, I was so tired)
June 7th: walking (~ 60 min) and mini-gardening
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June 8th: KB's & walking (~ 45 min)
June 9th: Elliptical (35 min, HIT on 30:35:40); gardening
June 10th: Lifting
June 11th: Elliptical (35 min, HIT on 30:35:40); walking
(Edited by Leida)
June 12th: Lifting + 3 + hours hard gardening (mowing, edging, HOT!)