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Thread: Where you a "healthy" weight when you started eating Primal?

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    Where you a "healthy" weight when you started eating Primal?

    EDIT: please excuse the typo in my thread heading - I think I should perhaps break my (short) fast soon!

    Hello everyone,

    I'm very new to eating primal, having been predominantly vegetarian (with a little fish occasionally) for around 10 years.

    I started university 2 years ago, and I noticed a significant drop in my energy levels and a significant rise in my sugar cravings, and consequently a rise in my weight and dress size. So, I decided to try a new approach.
    I've never had trouble in the past loosing weight, but this time around it has been a nightmare, yo-yoing like mad, and the lack of energy is not conducive to being a mother, student, worker, girlfriend, friend, and cognitively healthy, so I went on the hunt for something new.

    I am 2 weeks into primal and already experiencing a surge in energy, improved sleep, cognition, and mental health, and some inch loss.

    I have never been overweight, my highest, non-pregnant weight at 5 foot 8 inches, is 150lbs (highest pregnancy weight = 161lbs); I am currently about 139lbs. I am aware that this is a healthy weight for my height, but it is not my "happy" weight of about 126lbs, which I was 2 years ago. I suspect that my lack of energy then was to do with my lack of protein and good fats, rather than my weight, as I have always hovered around the low end of healthy weights for my height.

    In a short time, the primal lifestyle has already knocked my energy and mental health into shape - which is excellent (no excuse for not being a straight-A student next year!), I just need to sort the weight.

    So, my question is, has anyone began primal at a medically healthy weight, but still managed to lose to a lower weight/size they are happier with?
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