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Thread: Where you a "healthy" weight when you started eating Primal?

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    the last time i was a medically healthy weight ( for my age) i was 6 years old.

    the last time i was a healthy weight ( for my height ) i was 15

    ah, youth....
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    I am 5'9", and was around 175 when I started. I am now down to around 155. About 10 pounds was due to eating primal, but the rest with intermittent fasting.

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    Yeah I probably weighed 110 or something like that when I started.

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    I've always been very underweight for my height. The most I ever weighed was 201lbs, and that was only for a brief period after I quit smoking. Most of my adult life has been spent in the 175-185 range, though I really started developing that skinny fat-guy gut after 30. That's probably the worst look for a guy, amirite ladies? Thankfully that's one of the first things that eating this way has fixed.

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    No, I was around 215, working out some, trying to eat healthy, based on cenventional wisdom, and kid of stuck.

    I've been eating primal since January and just broke 189.

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    No, not really, I actually find super-skinny males that look like they might be heavy smokers, alcohol or drug-users off-putting and the very overweight men (I mean those who cannot move by themselves). Softer looking males, wiry types, bulked up males... they all have something that appeals to me. I also always dug a kind smile and eyes more than anything else, really. I was actually surprised to find that most women are apparently attracted to the brooding and 'bad' boy types. heh. I am married to a guy with a typical belly and skinny arms and legs. While I do my best to cook primal/paleo for all of his meals, that's how he is likely to stay, and I am not turned off by it even after 13 years together and for many years to come.
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    Not remotely close, at 316.8 lbs and 6' tall. I didn't have a six-pack, I had a pony keg.
    After losing 104 lbs, I'm closer to healthy weight. That said, I would like to step up my exercise to knock down the last 15 or so lbs I think I'm holding onto (though I think a bit of it is excess skin).
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    Yes, with doctors insisting about keeping a higher healthier weight. I just couldn't live like that, feeling miserable all the time -miserable equals "not having enough energy to hit the bathroom on my own" and "no I think I won't eat that burger because I'm so tired". I had lost most of my lean mass during dialysis so even though my weight was medically accepted it was not healthy by any means -whatever they said.
    I worked out and tried to fix the diet, lost around 20 lbs and kept on needing one or two days to recovery from easy things like a walk or a cinema night out. Ditching cereals and sugar was good, I weight less now BUT my lean mass increased and I even get to travel without throwing my spine out of exhaustion, so I guess my weight is a lot healthier now.
    Doctors still pester me about gaining some extra weight, probably because of what they usually see in other patients I'm really an exception and look too thin. Whatever their reasoning is I listen to my body and this is the first time in my life I don't need to go morphine doped because of dysmenorrhea, so I'd say I'm just happy this way.
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    I was somewhat close to a healthy weight to begin with at 170 lbs. and 5'-6" (Yes, I'm a woman) I had the same measurements as "Joan" from Madmen. I was pretty proud when I figured that out. I'm 161.8 lbs. now. Anyway, for me, the way I look/size I am is what I'm focused most on. I've always been larger than most of my friends, but I would never consider myself large...more like curvy, or thick? Anywho, ideally, I would like to trim some of the fat while keeping my curves. I'm not trying that hard as my husband is crazy about my body the way that it is. We eat pretty strict paleo and we feel so much healthier for it. If I'm meant to be smaller, it will happen naturally, I suppose!

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    Started at 215 15% bf w/CW diet/exercise(thought I was doing it right all these years). Two years later the Primal-Paleo way, 170 6-8% bf. and a healthy 45 yrs young:-) As i've said before...Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!

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