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Thread: daily dose of humour?

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    daily dose of humour?

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    I've been too stressed and acknowledge I need to make time to laugh each day. I follow some health/lifestyle blogs through facebook and am looking for some humour blogs/websites/facebook pages to follow through facebook in the same way. It'd be awesome if every day some humorous things would just pop up in my feed ensuring I get some regular laughs in.

    So, if anyone is already following pages like that can you clue me in on what to follow? Cheers.

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    Well, your best option is spending time with a person who makes you laugh. I know that sometimes that's not an option though, so...

    It doesn't update daily, but xkcd is always good for a laugh. In fact I think a few days back there was one about VFF. Be sure to read the mouse-over text too.

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