i'm 135lbs 5'8
I calculated my caloric intake with the IF calculator (i don't plan on fasting) and here it is
Rest Days: 2444cals Fat:105.8g Carbs:238g Protein:135g
Work Days: 2666cals Fat:118.1g Carbs:265.8 Protein:135g

Is this good(healthy) for weight and muscle gain? Should I cut down on the carbs and raise the other macronutrients or...? Not trying to gain fat but, do not mind gaining a little. I will be working out 3 days a week using this Dumbbell Only Home Or Gym Full Body Workout | Muscle & Strength (because I only have dumbbells)
I'm going to do The Burpee on a day and the prison workout another week but, most days using my routine
any suggestions for macro intake