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    New to paleo! A family jump in this lifestyle.

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    Hello, dearly primals!

    I'm a 25 old guy from Spain who recently discovered the paleo lifestyle, I took it seriously like two weeks ago and my family followed me almost instantly.

    Our problem it's that we are really hard gainers, we are underweight since I can remember, although we were eating a lot. Now we see some improve in weight and muscle gain, principally my brother and me.

    We used to eat a lot of processed foods, pasta, grains, rice and, being spaniards, the legumes had a usual spot in our table. Now we eat paleo almost exclusivelly, lot of veggies, eggs, meat, fish and fruits.

    I will put you in a place to understand my questions, so I need to put in a table our weight, height and such:

    Maria Alvaro Me
    Age 49 20 25
    Weight 107,58 lb 137,01 lb 134,59 lb
    Height 5' 4.56" 5' 10.8" 5' 11.25"
    %Body Fat 19.24% 4.60% 4.97%

    As you can see, our principal problems are the following ones:
    My mother, Maria, want to lose fat, but no weight, since she's a bit skinny, instead she wants to grow some muscle and maybe gain some weight, but she's a bit worried about loosing more weight if she loses more fat.
    My brother and I want to gain muscle and weight, but we are a bit worried about the percentage of body fat, the system used to calculate it is Body Fat Calculator 6 formulas to calculate body fat percentage (Tap measurement method).

    Some kind of advice? We're doing crossfit with the method of Nerd Fitness 3 times each week and doing sprints every Sunday, apart from other activities (ie. we have two dogs that need to walk a lot).

    Thanks for your time.


    P.D. Sorry if I did some grammar mistakes, English is not my native language and although I'm trying to improve in it, but it's difficult if you don't have someone to speak, hahaha.

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    Your English is great, so no worries there.

    19% body fat on a female is a pretty good place to be, on the lower end of a healthy range, if I recall correctly. Lifting weights will help her get a more "toned" look, but she has to go a little heavier every time.

    In order to gain muscle you need to lift heavy things (I like Stronglifts 5x5, personally) and you need to eat a lot. Don't do any moderate cardio exercise- no long workouts, no long runs. If you need to run, then do sprints, as hard as you can, once every 7-14 days. Walking is great, however.

    I'm not sure if CrossFit is the best place to be if you are trying to gain muscle, but someone else can maybe speak to that.

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    Hola Iván! Welcome to primal.

    I agree that 19% is great for a woman. I personally would not want as low body fat as you and your brother, but many guys here would. What jfreaksho says to do is right. I would add that you guys could handle some healthy carbs like rice and starchy vegetables.
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    I personally would not want as low body fat as you and your brother

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    Ivan, I'll speak English with you all the time....

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    Thanks for your answers, that helped a lot.
    Actually seems like my brother and I have more fat percentage, different webs, different results, the valor most repeated is about 8.5% in both, +-.5%.
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