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Thread: "Mr Cakewrecks" gives up soda

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    "Mr Cakewrecks" gives up soda

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    EPBOT: Just Don't 'Dew It!

    Can you imagine memory and speech issues due to SODA? Good for him. I hope this encourages others.
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    I've always thought Mountain Dew was gross, even when I was drinking soda regularly, but this just confirms it. I still love the occasional soda when it's hot out but stick to Virgil's Zero Real Cola with stevia these days.

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    My mom has been on Diet Coke for as long as I can remember. She's diabetic, has CHD, severely (morbidly?) obese, and no longer has a thyroid. :-/ grrrrr....

    And she's always had that issue of not quite saying the right word and that sort of thing.

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