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Thread: Should women IF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfbunny View Post
    ^^ Or read some articles on , that said, i do think IF for women can work (certainly for post-meno chicks), just not when the only aim is fat loss and with shorter fasts
    I'm trying to link to
    The article re: IF and women on that site is fabulous.

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    Occasionally and for medical reasons I go one or two days with a broth plan. It includes everything and not only vegetables, but I only consume the broth. Partner and friends are happy to take care of the rest -as long as they have their home made eggs and butter sauce (with cappers).

    Do I fit in size 0 clothes? Who cares. Looking great in whatever size my body stays healthy should be the goal, and as far as I've seen right now I have a good low carb outcome, a happy high fat set and proteins doing just fine the way they are.

    IF comes naturally, I have an eight hours window and feel great -but I avoid this at the end of my menstrual cycle in order to avoid feeling like a massive mess, in those days I carb up a little and there it goes.
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    Gender-specific lit for weight loss and fitness is great and all, but...

    I just went through M&F for men book on weight training, and OMG, ladies, the PICTURES! The WRITING! I know, I know, but OMG, it was hilarious and, well, let's say I was a bit self-conscious reading it on the bus, but it was certainly pleasant.
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