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Thread: Is fat, dairy, or just too many calories making me gain weight -long story?

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    Is fat, dairy, or just too many calories making me gain weight -long story?

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    I eat a lot of fruit to get in enough nutrients. In the summer I can eat a pint of strawberries in the morning, a pint of blueberries and a whole melon later on. I eat full fat yogurt most mornings, sometimes an egg as well. At lunch I have chicken/turkey, vegetables, fruit, and cheese. At dinner, I'll have chicken or ground beef, vegetables, sometimes potatoes, and a glass of 1% milk.

    Is the dairy making me gain weight? Is it the fruit? Is it too much saturated fat?
    Almost every day I will make a smoothie for breakfast or lunch with 1% milk, berries and half a banana. Is the smoothie too much concentrated fructose?

    For a couple of days last week I had limited food options and ended up staying with no grain/no sugar, however instead of 50% fat, I had 50% or a little more of carbohydrates. A typical day would be a pint of strawberries, half a melon, a pint of snow peas, Over just 4 days I lost 4 pounds. Once I got back to my regular fat-oriented primal diet, I gained all the weight back. So I assume that whatever was absent in those few days is what is making me gain weight steadily, but I can't identify what it is.

    Before you immediately say I'm not eating enough fat, please consider. The Primal Blueprint makes absolute sense to me in theory, but in practice I am gaining weight, and I would chalk it up to not enough exercise except that in the few days where I ate very little fat, I lost weight.

    It could be dairy, but the thing is I'm having dental work done and other things, and I badly need enough calcium, and from cronometer I only get about 15-20% of the required calcium if I do not eat dairy. I can't currently afford grass fed organic meat and I don't want to buy tainted organ meats/bones from conventionally raised animals so I can't get calcium that way.

    To complicate the issue, I typically eat about 1400- 1500 calories a day. CW tells me that I need that much to keep my metabolism active. However, I ended up consuming around 1100 calories a day over those few days, do you think just the decrease in calories is what I need?

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    I would suggest you track your food, your exercise, your sleep, your stress levels, literally every thing you can think of to track. Then graph it all against your weight. Something ought to tell you something.

    There are a multitude of factors that go into weight gain/loss. No one, but yourself and your data, are going to be able to figure out your particular situation.
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    it's the calories, but yeah, track your food! not as a permanent practice, but just to get an idea of what's going on.

    also, fruit is great for carbs, but so are starches. you don't have to subsist solely on fruit and meat. you can, but you don't have to.

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    Just an observation just the fruit you listed adds up to somewhere in the neighborhood of 180grams of carbs. So it seems to reason that you carb/sugar intake it out of wack especially given your modest caloric intake.

    Saying you lost 4 pounds in 4 days is meaningless: 1) probably mostly water 2) could have been muscle 3) Your weight will fluctuate throughout the day (for instance I gain and "lose" 2-4 pounds A DAY).

    Basically using a scale is meaningless, unless you start doing a weighted average across a month and include your bodyfat.

    FYI fruits and peas are considered "moderation" foods, go easy on them.
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    Add coconut oil and butter and walk an hour every day.

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    Liquid calories are notoriously easy to overconsume. Try just eating real, basic food like meat/eggs and vegetables, including roots, and skip all the fancy smoothies and cutsie, pretty sweet things. Eat like a man, not like a child. It's really healing to clear your palate this way. You can get calcium from dark green leafy vegetables and bone broth.
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    First, quit looking at your scale (for at least a couple weeks a month would be better). Second, understand that it's not 1 particular macro, or food for that matter, that is preventing weight loss. You are simply taking in excess calories and your body isn't using what is currently stored for energy.

    Get a handle on what you actually take in on a daily basis. This will mean you need to count calories for at least a week. A food scale will take out the guess work. This isn't something you will need to do for long, but you have to get an accurate assessment of your caloric intake. PB isn't magic, calories matter.

    Exercise. Drain some of that muscle glycogen!!!
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    If you do not want to add fat, do not add more fat. However, the combination of non-fermented dairy and fruit may be putting sugar out of balance. So, you might want to try low fat fish and meats with copious vegetables and salads, and use fruit either sparingly or not at all, and see if that helps you loose in the summer. Summer is a hard time for those who have sugar problems, as fruit are ripe and beautiful. Women in particular are also prone to falling into the dairy and fruit trap, with both sugar and dairy having the mind impacting properties that make you happier and wanting to eat for the sake of pleasure, not nourishment. Choosing more satiating, non-sweet, non-addictive foods might be a better bet for you.
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    Considering that a huge container of blueberries is calorically insignificant, I highly doubt it's an issue.

    I agree, stay off the scales. Scales are stupid. Chances are, you wouldn't even notice weight gain without them. If you lost, say 2lbs in 3 days eating very little of this or very little of that, you didn't lose a significant amount of fat anyway considering how many calories are in a pound of fat and how little you require in calories every day.

    One possible thing is level of hydration. For me, I'll end up 4-5lbs heavier at the end of the day compared to the beginning depending on how hydrated I am alone. I easily drink 1.5 gallons of water a day. Considering a gallon of water weights 8lbs and I start my day with usually around 1/3rd of a gallon, if I obsessed over scales I'd probably shoot myself in the face over "weight gain".

    Personally, I think you might just be nitpicking. Listen to your body, eat, drink, be merry. If you need calcium, eat it. If dairy is giving you issues, you'll know it just from your trips to the toilet. If you think it is, get your calcium from non-dairy sources like sardines, sesame seeds, collard greens spinach and turnip greens. Milk and cheese aren't your only options for sure!

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