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    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Yay for us Aussie primals. I have a soft spot for lollies too, though here in the uk, they call them all sweets and they seem to be everywhere...

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    We do get some UK sweets over here and they are so similar to the Aussie kind so if I find them I often buy them..... anyhow trying to change I'm nearly out of the aussie stuff and wont be able to get anymore until I cant wait to see the results without that extra sugar intake.

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    G'day fellow Aussies...even those who have abandoned us for the US or UK!

    Rebekah - don't buy any lollies (sweets) and request people from home refrain from sending them, if they offer before Sep. Not having them around helps a lot. The forums have a lot of good ideas for dealing with a sweet tooth and it seems eradicating all the sweet stuff (even fruit) for a while may stop the cravings.

    Its good to come across other Aussies on this site...good luck!

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