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Thread: Life-long vegetarian trying to eat meat/eggs without gross-out :/

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    Life-long vegetarian trying to eat meat/eggs without gross-out :/

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    Hey there,
    Does anyone have some advice regarding adding meat and eggs to my diet, in forms that have the least "yuck" factor for someone not used to eating them? I've been making beef jerky, and made some beef stew with shredded beef that was pretty tasty, but am just out of ideas. I can't seem to make myself eat a hunk of straight meat (especially chicken) without feeling like I'm performing an autopsy! And eggs are just disgusting to me - the texture, taste and reality of what they really are (chicken menses, as my aunt puts it) is just too much. Maybe I should just compensate with yogurt and nuts and try to do the best I can with the meat. Any special secrets I could learn here?


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    Perhaps it would seem less icky if you substituted meat broth to dishes you used to make with vegetable broth? Then maybe add little bits of meat, and work your way up slowly?

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    Baby steps. My daughter is lifelong vegetarian (she's 13). she's just started eating eggs & I'm so happy. She'll only eat them scrambled. I was only vegetarian for 8 years, but I still find most meat icky and I've been back to eating it for almost 7 years. It has gotten better with time. I love steak but cannot eat anything with a bone. Keep doing what you're doing. No one says you HAVE to eat a hunk of meat. Just incorporate it in with stuff you like.

    Also, don't feel like meat has to be a huge part of your diet. I think the vegetables are most important. My health is so much better when I eat lots of veggies, especially greens. You can also do smoothies. J. Robb makes a good egg protein powder. I mix it with strawberries and almond butter.

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    Eggs should be pretty easy to hide in other things. Primal meatloaf? What about a nice fluffy frittata or quiche?

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    x2 on baby steps. Give it time. Slowly increase your intake as you feel comfortable.

    Eggs do a great job of disappearing into other food. Convenient way to get them into your diet without having to bite the egg itself.

    Alternatively, spend a lot of time studying the nutrients in eggs and meat and odds are you will go running to the fridge to eat some!
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    I was a lifelong vegetarian until I was in my early twenties - and ten years later, I have come to a point where I eat almost everything, including some offal, so it definitely can be done. Now, I ate eggs on and off while I was growing up, but I do understand your explanation of why you don't like them sometimes.

    For me, the best gateway meat was seafood, and strangely, pork. I did NOT enjoy poultry at first, and I still find it off-putting sometimes. If beef is not objectionable, I would stick with that, and incorporate some seafood too, if you like it. I would second primal meatloaf, and really, incorporating meat into any dishes that you really love. At the time I was starting to eat meat, things like pasta with red sauce and cheese were my absolute favorite, so adding meat to those was pretty easy, because it was already a food I liked.

    I wouldn't stress too much with how much meat you're eating, just figure out what it is you like and don't like - crisper or softer texture, something more flavorful or something that doesn't really taste "meaty" - and keep trying new things. If you're already eating beef stew there is definitely hope!

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    I never met anyone that didn't like bacon.

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    Do you like hard boiled eggs? Will buying pre cooked meat help with your transition?
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    Perhaps start with the seafood first. I mean, it's hard to get sentimental over a shrimp.

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    Do you have any objection to eating fish or seafood? Eggs are really easy to hide in salmon patties. I agree with others- don't force yourself to eat something that makes you puke. I too tried eating a hunk of meat and just couldn't do it. Try adding just little bits here and there in salads and soups or mixed in with other foods. Lots of onion and garlic can help mask the taste. And I also don't think your body needs as much meat as others think- you can mix in dairy and nuts. I also don't believe beans are the devil incarnate either (just soak them properly).

    Don't mean to discourage you, just sharing my own experience and preference here: after a good faith effort to eat red meat and poultry, I came to the conclusion that I just don't like them and I'm all good with that. I stick with fish and I don't eat it as often as I did when I first started out the PB experiment. Some people can readjust to eating meat after a while. I tried and couldn't adjust to the taste, smell and texture. So be it. My philosophy is that if it's so hard you have to go and puke afterwards, it can't be a good thing no matter how "healthy" it might be for you.

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