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Thread: Life-long vegetarian trying to eat meat/eggs without gross-out :/

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    I was vegetarian for a couple of years and had the same problem! I have the most trouble with beef and pork, but chicken gets easier if you're not eating it in "hunks." I started by buying skinless boneless chicken breast and cutting up to put on a salad or "in" something so it looked less like part of the animal. Cooked in a crockpot and shredded for lettuce wraps also disguises it really well. I don't think I'd ever be able to eat meat off of a bone, it always needs to be cut up.

    For eggs, maybe try egg salad- If you make it with Greek yogurt and plenty of seasoning you can mask the egg flavor pretty well.

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    Start with small amounts of dairy, then add in eggs slowly. Then from there, work on incorporating in broth. Finally, start the meat. But do all of this slowly and at your own pace!

    As everyone is saying... One step at a time.

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    Thank you so much - these are all very helpful suggestions. I think I'll keep up with the baby steps and see what my body tries to tell me about that. Gagging: bad. Energy and weight loss: very good. No room for confusion. In the meantime, I've gotten pretty hooked on homemade beef jerky, cut against the grain so it's easier to chew. It was incredibly easy to make, I highly recommend trying it, especially for those of you that aren't super carnivorous either.

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    I'd forgo the baby steps and just jump in. Overcome your fears by acknowledging they are cowardly, irrational, and close minded and are preventing you from leading a full life. I had to deal with essentially the same issue living in Asia for two years after growing up on a standard American style diet. The problem is psychological, and the sooner you put it to bed, the better your life will be and you will finally be able to experience the wonderful adventure that is food. Good luck!

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    I can't seem to make myself eat a hunk of straight meat (especially chicken) without feeling like I'm performing an autopsy!

    Hello There! Im new in the forum and to primal, but Im also a long life vegetarian (35 years now) and trying to eat meat first time ever. Im feeling that way too. Mikki Im wondering if you did make it? any one else? Really need some support right now. Thanks

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