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Thread: Water- since started PB i can't stomach drinking it

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    Water- since started PB i can't stomach drinking it

    I used to be able to chug water no issues. i would drink 100 oz a day easily

    Lately I just can't stomach water. If i'm thirsty I can drink a good 16 oz but part of me feels like i should be getting at least 64 oz a day

    I can barely drink 8oz without gagging

    anyone ever have this happen?


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    I'm the opposite, used to forget to drink water all day and now drink tons. Here is Mark's take on it, incase you haven't seen it.

    Drink Less Water? | Mark's Daily Apple

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    Drink when you're thirsty, don't when you're not. Forget numbers. You can get too much of anything, water is no exception. Be sure NOT to limit your salt (I recommend whole salt only, like Redmond, Himalayan or Celtic- now this is unless you have a problem with salt of course- which would not be caused by the salt to begin with, but made worse by it). Eat however much your body craves. It's what all our livestock do and they have no blood pressure problems

    Remember there is a LOT of water in most foods.
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    I have a harder time with water in the winter months---but I agree that if I eat saltier foods then it goes down much easier!
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    If you're thirsty and can't drink water, I'd see it as a problem. But I don't think you need to drink just to drink.

    I like to squeeze the juice from a lime into my water, personally. Gives it a bit of flavor and improves its alkalinity.
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    You definitely don't need 100 ounces a day. Heck, many days I probably only drink 2 or 3 glasses of water, especially on a non exercise day. You get much of your water requirements from the food you eat, so just drink when you are thirsty and don't worry about it too much. If you are really adamant that you have to drink a certain amount over the day just sip on it all day, don't force yourself to chug a bunch all at once.

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    I find it quite interesting that people's water requirements are so different. If i don't drink 2 litres of water a day i get a headache, and tht's even with a diet high in veg and fruit. If i only drank when thirsty this wouldn't work for me. Listen to your body, do what works for you.

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    I personally feel the same, perhaps it's due to lower carb intake? And the fact that meat and veggies have some stored water? I'm not really that thirsty during the day, unless i sweat which makes sense, im not worried apart from my urine being on the darker side at times, which is supposed to suggest im dehydrated yet it doesnt match my thirst levels.

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    I never drank water only ever coke so now I buy limes, lemons and oranges, thickly slice them and freeze them, then when I cannot stomach another glass of water I grab a slice out the freezer, stir it in the water and enjoy it much more! (This is where I find this is a big no no!)

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    When I eat grains and sugar, I drink a ton. When I eat clean, I drink very little. I probably drank 48 ounces of water today and did a hard workout, used to drink 100+ on a sedentary day.
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