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Thread: What the hell is it with Coconut oil and effing Diarrhea?

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    My wife found CO to be a bit of a laxative for the first few days.

    Judging by the oily tablespoon she keeps leaving on the counter she's got use to it now...


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    Innnnnteresting. I only cook with CO, I don't "eat" it.

    But, I have been having huge issues with coconut milk. I don't drink or use regular milk at all as I have lactose tolerance issues so I really wanted to start using coconut milk. Every time I do but stomach is in knots and I end up "whoosh"ing on the toilet. Tonight I tried to use it, but the smell made me absolutely sick. I threw a brand new can of it away.

    I'm thinking it's just not for me. I'll stick to just using CO for cooking.
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    When I first started experimenting with CO in coffee during IF, I had serious poop issues. Maybe TMI, but I actually had an accident one day at work.

    Now months later I start my morning with coffee plus 4 tbsp of butter and 3 tbsp of MCT oil and have no colon reaction at all.

    Once your body upregulates lipase production to match your intake you can ingest enormous amounts of fat without a problem.

    Oh, one thing though. Warning - If you start to do massive amounts of fat and then you don't have it for a few days - colon lock can occur. Ow.
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    My whooshing experience scared me off coconut. I just stick with butter. Want to try ghee now too.
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    I cook with it everyday but it doesn't really bother me. You don't need that much of it. Coconut milk goes straight through me!!!!1
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    It's a darn good thing I found this thread because I was about to give up coffee to see if I could stop a 2-week whoosh stint. With this info I'll try cutting back the CO first.
    On a related note, does anyone know if drinking the canned, high fat, coconut milk would have the same effect? Is it similar to the oil, or a different substance altogether?

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    I have a theory on this. I had a severe small intestinal bacterial overgrowth years ago. SIBO's damage the intestines and make it harder to absorb fats, particularly MCT's. Coconut oil tends to do this to me when my guts are out of balance, but if I've been doing well--eating Primal, taking/eating probiotics, avoiding excess carbs and sugar, etc. it doesn't bother me that much unless I really pig out on it. Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon recently and I'm fighting a SIBO flare thanks to it. I don't want to test it but I bet I'd be running to the bathroom if I ate CO.

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    Signed up to post just to help you out with this!

    There are two probable causes here unless you just have a problem period with coconut oil.

    When I started primal a long time ago, I was 'swooshing about twice a day getting all that grain out of me. then it slowed down. The I started reading and decided to increase the fat in my diet. Hello, coconut oil and butter, hello more swoosh.

    The more likely culprit is your gut flora. If you ate a conventional diet prior to primal and went really heavy on the grains, sugars, or even antibiotics, this is likely. As someone who dearly respected grains as the bottom of the food pyramid,
    I'm almost through solving my gut flora problems 7 months into primal - I really overdid the grains.... and the antibiotics I used to take daily.

    Basically, coconut oil is what's called an antimicrobial, in that it kills bad bacteria in the gut and causes what is called 'die off'. From what I have heard, when you kill these nasty little buggers they release compounds not so helpful to your body. This results in some tummy russlin' and a good case of sloshy sloosh. I encountered this when first taking antimicrobials, and the problem has since subsided. best of lucky and if you have any questions I'm still here.

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    When I put CO in my coffee, it just sits as pools of oil on top of the coffee.
    Is there a way to emulsify the mixture?


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    I've been using CO for years, long before I became Primal... it was a cornerstone of my vegan lifestyle!

    If it bothers you, use something else for awhile. Be sure you are getting enough fermented foods... too much whooshing can upset the flora balance, which can domino into worse problems.

    I love grass-fed butter and MCT oil in my coffee.. a few seconds in the blender and it's lovely.

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