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    nice. and be sure to check out their entire youtube page. their shoulder warmup and shoulder prehab/rehab videos have really helped me a ton. and once anyone starts moving serious weight around, the shoulders are the first things to give out. take care of your shoulders

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    Change up your program. If you've been doing the same thing for 3 months your body has become used to the lift. change it up and go back in another 4-6 weeks. Always make sure you're lifting maximally but definitely time for a change.

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    I didn't see anyone mentioning this, but where exactly are you stalling in the lift? You may have a stick point that needs focus.

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    I am going to give a bit of different advice. Continue the other lifts and do not bench for seven to ten days. Up your food intake. Seriously put on two to five pounds in the week to ten days. Hit the bench workout again with the for advice already given. You will rock It and bust through the sticking point with some rest and bodyweight. Don't stop the other lifts just stop the bench on Monday and skip mon we'd grid mon we'd and. Hit that bench the following Friday with some weight and rest. If you don't bust through back off but I don't think you will need it. Eat a brisket and potatoes man eat!
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