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    Quote Originally Posted by TLoRu View Post
    The only issue we had was that it turned our white crown molding black.... I guess from the pressure and constant rubbing. Completely worth it though!

    This exactly. I'm having a little impression on my white molding right now and getting scared the landlord may have a fit but that wont stop me!

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    Did you see the awesome pullup/dip station in the blog the other day? Scroll down to see it. I bet it costs a fortune.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kochin View Post

    1.- Get the "screw-in" bars they sell on eBay: ADJUSTABLE PULL-UP CHIN-UP DOOR GYM BAR HOME EXERCISE WORKOUT TRAINING FITNESS | eBay I use that badboy. It's cheaper and more versatile (and apparently doesn't do much more harm to door-frames that the more "stable-looking" ones). It holds enough weight, too. Don't be fooled, it's a strong piece of equipment.
    Err .... This kind of bar doesn't necessarily work with all sorts of houses. I've cracked three door frames in my place with this very bar (just hoping the landlord doesn't notice at the next inspection).
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    Hmm, doors are inanimate.... they feel no pain, so you can yell at them, slam them, and they feel nothing... Sorry folks, my smart-alec bone got the best of me!

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