I am desperate to give some quality nutrition to my son. He is 4 years old and was diagnosed two weeks ago with a malignant tumor on his kidney. It is quite large and takes up a lot of space in his tiny abdomen. His appetite is almost non-existent. I had discovered Paleo/Primal living about a month and a half ago, have read all books I could find at the library on paleo, and bought Mark's book too. Becasue I now FIRMLY believe that the fuel we put into our bodies is as important as the air we breathe for proper performance/existence, I can't knowingly feed him junk, even if my family keeps pushing oreos at him. I have a very short window of opportunity to feed him, he only acts hungry briefly during the day, so I feel like I owe it to his body, if I want it to fight the cancer effectively, to give it the right ammuntion to do so. I am so helpless otherwise over the whole situation, I know I can at least do this for him. I also have a weird feeling that the processed foods make the cancer grow faster, and we have no time to waste. Does anyone have good, delicious recipes that are high quality in small quantity? I have a ton of coconut milk and would rather make a smoothie, for example, out of that than give the Dr. recommended Pedia-Sure. Am I off track in trying to fight this thing with nutrition? Am I being too controlling and should I just let the grandparents pump him full of Kraft mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, BBQ potato chips, cheez doodles, etc? Although his appetite is greatly diminished, he is a good boy, quite smart, and knows if I TELL him to eat or drink something it is only to get stronger and he'll do it for me. THANK YOU!!!!