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    Foraging 101 - Eating Weeds

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    Hello all!

    So I work on a farm and am trying to expand my knowledge of the non-planted things that crop up everywhere. I've come across some good ideas, but does anyone have any good recipes for:

    1. Purslane
    2. Pigsweed/Amaranth leaves
    3. Lamb's Quarter

    Thanks in advance!


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    Mushrooms(Yes the 60's kind) grow wild in Guatemala from what I recall in my days traveling there as a lad(not that i ever ate them;-). Found out a few years later, that the local farmers got keen to it, and started selling them to the travelling tourists:-)

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    Amaranth leaves, if young, make great additions to salads. When mature, they can be braised (kind of like chard or beet greens).

    Seriously Asian: Amaranth Greens | Serious Eats : Recipes

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