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Thread: Crying my eyes out

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    I agree that all parents should be as informed as possible. Here's something I think all parents should read:

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    Hugs kam, it's tough to see our babes in pain isn't it. I sobbed my face off when my toddler fell and cut himself on a sharp peice of metal some random $#@&er stuck in the grass at the park. I couldn't soothe him, breastfeeding couldn't soothe him, so we just sat and I held him and we cried together.

    Hope he feels better and you get some rest!

    The more I see the less I know for sure.
    -John Lennon

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    Here's an informative vaccine site for anyone interested

    National Vaccine Information Center

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    I really need to pipe in on the vax or no-vax issue.

    Out of curiosity what is it that is so potentially dangerous about vaccines that you guys would risk your children's future health? I'm seriously not saying it in that way to be rude. I mean, there must be some hard evidence for you to truly feel it's less risky to make the choice that you made than to vaccinate.

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    Thank you, yelena, for that quality link. I will be forwarding it to family members who could definitely benefit from reading through the content on that site...

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    Yeah. thanks for the link. That's what prompted my question above. What side effects are bad enough to risk those diseases?

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    I found this article very informative:

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    I'm glad you got your child vaccinated, kam904s. I hope he feels better soon.

    To the non-vaccinators, there's been extensive studies that found no connection between vaccinations and all the ills that they're blamed for. Recently, there was a teenager in the UK who collapsed and died shortly after receiving her swine flu jab. Of course the news was all over it and suddenly the swine flu vaccination was going to kill us all and blah blah. Anyway, it turns out that this girl had a massive undiagnosed tumor ravaging her body and that it was just a coincidence that she died after her flu shot. Sensationalist news media drives a culture of fear.

    Millions of children get vaccinations every year and only a tiny few have any sort of reactions. Autism and gastrointestinal problems are increasing even though vaccination is decreasing. So how could vaccinations be causing these problems? The diseases we are vaccinated against used to be the top cause of death and disability for children. If it wasn't for vaccinations many of our parents and grandparents wouldn't have survived to adulthood. Now that so many parents are opting out of vaccinating their children, when one of these diseases does pop up again (which they periodically do), then it sweeps through communities and children do die.

    The thing that gets me is that when parents choose not to vaccinate their children, they aren't just putting their own children at risk, they are also risking all the children who are too young to have been vaccinated yet. So please don't listen to all the sensationalistic reports. There isn't a vast conspiracy or cover-up.

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    @ Icme, just fyi, the forum I linked above discusses vaxes from various perspectives, along w/ pros/cons/alternatives to the regular schedule, etc... Here is a link to a subforum there specifically about personal experiences irt vaccinations:

    Here is a link about various vaccine ingredients and side effects by vaccine.

    Also, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has lists of reactions that have been reported (they state that reactions are under reported, just fyi) if you check out their site. You can click on the links by year--'symptoms' will give you a list of various reactions folks have experienced/reported.

    These are very difficult, complex, and loaded decisions we must make as parents. Wading through the info and misinformation out there on all sides is a heavy task, as is deciding what is best for your own, unique child. Not something to go into lightly, no matter what you decide.

    This is a link to a page of anti-vax sites, if you want to look more at that side of the vaccine story. I've not reviewed all of them, but did utilize some when researching the vax issue for my family. As with anything, you really need to do a lot of legwork for yourself to figure out what the best decision will be for your own family. I am not trying to convince anyone that one decision is better than another, but I do believe in being informed from all angles irt to health decisions...

    Edited to add:

    I also find the generation rescue site very helfpul as well. If you look at the top bar, one label says "vaccines" and you can scroll over it to choose from different links there.

    Vax ingredients and possible side effects:

    Vax damage stories:

    Some basic (helpful imo) info on vaccines: **** I think this link is really worth checking out/reading if you're just starting to look into/research the vaccine topic.

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    I'm not against vaxing in general, i'm against vaxing *for my family.* And i only got that way when my oldest started having negative reactions to them. That's when i stopped, not because some internet article told me to. I'm also specifically against the standardized and generally accepted schedule for vaccines--they're given too early, and in unnecessarily high dosages. I guess my official stance on the issue is 'pro- selective vaccinations.' Because i believe they should be given on an as-needed basis.

    In a perfect world, children would be tested for immunity and dosed accordingly with the vaccines they might really need. But that's not how it's done. Instead, they're pumped full of everything at once and sent on their way. It's cost-effective, afterall. Just like standardized testing in schools (which i'm also against).

    Both sides of this particular issue are right, and both sides are wrong. I think the best thing a parent can do is read all the research they can, make the decision that best fits their family, and remain flexible--because you can bet your ass that if a local threat came into play, i wouldn't hesitate to get my kids vaccinated. But as it stands, they don't even get colds or flus most years.

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