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Thread: What makes a good probiotic?

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    What makes a good probiotic?

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    So as the title suggests, what sort of things have seperated the good probiotics from the useless? I'm not a fan of supplements, but i am willing to give probiotics a shot to aid in my digestive health, which is average at best. Diet has helped but i need a constant supply of good bacteria to really propogate me to better health.

    Saurkraut helps, but i am in need of more sources. I will try lacto-ferment more veggies as per Nourishing Traditions, but in the mean time a supplement could be of help.


    Any thoughts on this one? I am aware that the probiotic must survive digestion to reach down there to the colon and deep inside you where it is needed. This one claims to survive digestion process.

    Should i bother with probiotics at all or just keep pushing the fermented goods? I've got kefir too but am wary of my reactions to dairy.

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    That one looks good to me.

    When I buy I go for-
    1) Price is important to me when comparing. Once I find a few that meet my criteria I usually compare price based on how many billion bacteria per $
    2) Multiple strains of bacteria. Good to get variety
    3) Suitable coating/capsule that's not made of anything I don't want to eat
    4) I want at least 40billion per capsule because I don't want to be swallowing heaps of pills to get the dose I want
    5) Survival of digestion is important but I have seen some stuff that said it doesn't matter if they die.. can't remember where I saw that, anyway, basically if it says they survive that's good.

    Other things to do - eat veges without washing (if you trust their source). Soil bacteria can be good to get back in in small doses.

    I'm hardly an expert anyway, this is just what I've done over the last few years since i became interested in my gut health
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    You said is very good .

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    If you're going to take probiotic supplements I think it would be a good idea to research them thoroughly online. There are many articles linking to studies questioning how many of the bacteria are actually alive in the pills and how many are dead (and therefore useless). Personally I would be much happier sticking to natural sources!

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