Hello everyone!

I'm student currently in clinical rotations (medical field). During my training, I've discovered primal blueprint along the way. I personally think it's fantastic and more people should consider this lifestyle. I was wondering if you all could provide some feedback to my dilemma, I'm sure the recommendations to this questions could apply to many of us.

As you probably know cafeteria food or the vending machines at a hospital aren't necessarily "primal friendly". Lunch is about the only time I usually take in some minor wheat based carbohydrates in. I want to start bringing a meal to my rotations to help me become more primal and save a little cash. I need something that could potentially be at room temperature for a little while as I do not know when I can get to lunch, and of course "primal friendly". I've already thought of organic nuts and fruits. But I'm sure that can get boring pretty fast. I've thought of beef jerky, but I do have essential hypertension and I don't want to exacerbate the problem with all the salt.

Any recommendations, recipes, tricks, would be fantastic! I look forward to your recommendations.

Have a great day!