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Thread: Cast Iron Pan Help???

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    Cast Iron Pan Help???

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    So my usual MO is when I'm done with my big 12" cast iron skillet I wipe it down with some coconut oil and bake it at 350 in the the oven for 30-60 minutes to "clean" it.

    Last week I forgot it was in there and pre-heated my oven to 450-500 degrees to finish off a stove-grilled steak (with my cast iron pan still in there). Did I just ruin the seasoning??? I know that's well above smoking point for coconut oil.

    It has this weird gray/white-ish spotty color now instead of the usual smooth black finish.

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    i doubt you ruined the seasoning doing that, but i've never been able to season castiron very well with coconut oil, to begin with. the coconut oil likely hit its smoke point, but you should be able to wipe it out with some heat and some kosher salt.

    for my money, the best oil for seasoning castiron is actually flaxseed oil. chicken fat works nicely too, but you have to use oils that have a good deal of PUFA. otherwise, you're just coating the pan in fat, which is nice, but isn't really going to produce a seasoned pan.

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