Fellow primal eaters,

While reading "Beyond Brawn" I noticed that the author makes mention of the need to eat 5 or 6 meals a day for "usable" caloric intake. One thing that he mentioned was that in order to build muscle, one must eat more than daily maintenance amounts in order to build muscle. This makes sense, but haven't we learned from IF that the body can supply all of the energy that it needs for proper functioning on its own via fat reserves? I understand that adding lots of protein is necessary in the equation for building muscle, but if I were able to ingest 1g or 2g/lb of body weight in protein without going over the 2700 calories or so that I burn in a day, would my body not supplement the rest? Why not just eat a ton of meat and veggies, come in at a bare minimum of calories, and allow fat stores to take care of the rest of the energy needed for hypertrophy?

On a separate note, does it matter how much we're eating in a single sitting? "Beyond Brawn" intimates that for the macro-nutrients of a given meal to be "usable", they must be eaten over several smaller meals. If my day's amount of my protein/carbs in in one meal, he seems to be saying, then some of it would go to waste. Doesn't that fly in the face of IF? Martin Berkhan always sings praises of this book, but the leangains approach seems to not match up with the dictates of "Beyond Brawn"...

Thanks for your time,