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Thread: Response / Rebuttal? Grain troubles questioned

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    Response / Rebuttal? Grain troubles questioned

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    Hello everyone =)

    I am by nature someone who appreciates debate, and I've been glad for the information I've received from MDA. I recently read a critical website which goes after the "grains are evil" view, and I'd like to see what the MDA member's response/rebuttal is to the information presented. Here is the link:

    Dissecting the Myth: Why Grains and Gluten Aren

    there's a LOT of paleo/primal criticism in there, and also on the linked to page on paleo in general. The specific part I'm interested in is the section labeled Response #5, and the information on Gluten, Lectins, and Phytates that follows it. Specifically, is their information wrong? Is there research to rebut? Is their argument sound? What would your response be to this information? Many thanks =).

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    See what you think of this. Plenty of cites. And that's just phytates.

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    Know thyself. Things that are perfectly fine with one person are bad for another. Personal experience: after pregnancy and child birth something shifted in my hormones, brain chemistry or whatever. Prior to that I actually carried a digestive biscuit in case I got hungry. One biscuit made me happy and fine for a few hours. I ate a couple of fat free yogurts and an apple for lunch without giving it a second thought. Now, eating grains and fruit turns me into in satiable monster. Take grains and fruit away, and I am fine. My 4 yo was refusing to eat anything but bread and bananas. Cut out the grains (she still has puffed rice cereal with nothing else added) - and she is eating meat, liver, veggies, fruit, butter, cheese... anything, really.

    Research or not, I am convinced.
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    The dummies are obsessed with "peer reviewed science". Most actually have no interest or ability for science so that claim should always be dismissed outright.

    The pro grain people & their ignorance should be tolerated, even encouraged. The world is just a forum of experience- nothing more and nothing less. If they want to create a world where people eat grains and need medical "care" and a billion dollar fitness and wellness industry, so be it. Let them eat grains, be sick, misinform others, and reap what they sow accordingly. That is how it works.

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    I really wanna get in contact with the guy who wrote that, first of all it looks like all of his counterpoints are all CW data....which has been around for he is trying to dispel the evidence that tries to dispel the CW, circular and is a flawed argument to begin with. He also mentions that he can't conclusively find scientific evidence that grains are bad. There are whole books written about it. Someone send this guy Wheat Belly or something.

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    I didn't have time to read the full article, but the guy basically appealed to authority the entire time and probably spent a whole 20 minutes perusing Pubmed for epidemiological evidence in support of grains. By the way, epidemiological support is all grains have, and anyone in this community (except Jimhensen) is aware of the limits of epidemiology. Try finding a clinical study showing whole grain is better than anything other than refined grain.

    As for the study on immune function, I found this interesting: "This study included 10 healthy subjects (30.3 years-old), who were following a GFD over one month by replacing the gluten-containing foods they usually ate with certified gluten-free foods (with no more than 20 parts per million of gluten)" [Is meat certified gluten-free?]

    And this: "...while populations of potentially unhealthy bacteria increased parallel to reductions in the intake of polysaccharides (from 117 g to 63 g on average) after following the GFD."

    It doesn't say what they ate, but it sounds a lot more like switching wheat for quinoa instead of a paleo-type diet, but the guy put it in his article because it said gluten-free and immune response and he figured it would further his argument. It doesn't, and he didn't reference that bullshit claim that a gluten-free diet leads to decreased bone mass.

    As for the lectins and the phytates, I agree that's the weakest argument against grains.

    For kicks, you can send this to Robb Wolf and have him send it to Mat Lalonde so they can have a hearty laugh over it (at least the part about gluten).

    I forgot that he included some links to studies on why grain is supposed to be good for us. I'll look through them later and comment.
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