Hi all,
Sorry if this isn't exactly all about nutrition but, let's be honest, this thread sees the most traffic and I need the advice. I send a shortened version of this to Mark for a Monday Musing topic but I kinda need some advice sooner that that.

I am a new father. My wife and I had our first daughter yesterday. We should be heading home today and I'm not sure how to approach would used to be my normal routine. So my question is: do you all have any advice on diet, sleep, and exercise for new primal dads?

Sleep is obviously pretty much non-existent right now - what is the best approach to maximize the little sleep I'm getting?

Diet seems pretty clear. However, I know we'll be getting a lot of non-primal food delivered in the coming weeks. I plan to buy a little more at the store in case I need to whip something up for myself cause what was brought is unable to be primally tweaked. Any other advice?

And then working out. I know that sleep is a huge part of the recovery process and I'm not getting much of it. Plus, being tired, I'm sure there is a higher risk of injury. I usually do CrossFit style workouts 3x a week. Better to take a week or so off or should I keep at it? Maybe just do lighter workouts?

Thanks all!