I am now 10 weeks into primal and here are my results. I started out at 194 lbs and today I am 182 lbs. I am following this about 90% as I do have sugar in my morning coffee and use half and half vs the non fat crap I was using. I just started drinking smoothies about a week ago which consist of lettuce, spinach, carrots, apple, banana, and blueberries as this is how I am getting in a good amount of leafy vegetables as I fill up my Vitamaster with the lettuce and spinach with about 1/2 cup of water and get it to a nice consistency before putting the rest in. Still perfecting this as the taste still needs some work.

I have posted this before and what I really love about this is I am never that hungry and am surprised even after my workouts that I don't want to consume tons of food. Prior I would come home and get a piece of meat and tear up some brown rice like 2 or 3 cups and the more I ate the more I wanted to eat more. By eliminating those foods my body does not crave more and more.

My workouts have not changed as I do a strength and conditioning class twice a week a really tough circuit class once a week and I mountain bike once a week. What I have noticed is that my weight loss is in the area where my fat is which is my mid section as I am now pulling my belt very tight as my pants are now so lose around the waist.

This weekend I saw someone that I have not seen in about 4 months and she said I look completely different. I still have my gut but smaller now as my goal with this was to get a lean six pack mid section which is only going to come via a good healthy diet.

I look at this system now not as a diet but how I eat now. I don't crave any carb intense food and when out can find food at restaurants that fit in this. Friday night I had a 10 ounce steak and steam veggies as opposed to fries or a potato. I have one or two glasses of wine at most while my friends have their 6 beers at parties and such when I go out once a week.

Can't wait for another month to pass as my progress has been slow but steady. It has been 15 years since I have been in the 170's and have not doubt I will be there soon and that my gut will slowly go away. I have never had that six pack but that is what I strive for.